New MIPS Resources Added to AAOE Registry

As we get closer to the end of the 2019 performance period, we've been updating the resources in the AAOE Registry to help you best succeed in the MIPS program. The Quality Import Form, Improvement Activities Import Form, and Promoting Interoperability Import Form have been updated and can be found in Empower under "Resources" and "AAOE Registry Resources".

We've also provided a revised link to the Stratis Healthcare MIPS estimator to reflect changes made to the program for the 2019 performance period. Using this tool, you can plan your MIPS participation and see the likely impact on your overall score for the performance period. The Stratis Healthcare MIPS estimator may also be found under the "AAOE Registry Resources" tab in the Empower platform.

We have also added a link to CMS' Promoting Interoperability Harship Exception application. If your practice is classified as a small practice (fewer than 15 MIPS eligible clinicians), a rural practice with limited access to broadband internet, or have recently experienced a natural disaster, you may qualify for a hardship exception to have your score re-weighted to remove the Promoting Interoperability category. This link is available on the "AAOE Registry Resources" page along with the other Registry resources.

Registry participants are encouraged to begin submitting data as soon as possible to provide us with time to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the submission process. If you are thinking of participating in the Registry but have not yet made a decision, note that we will not be accepting new Registry participants after December 31, 2019. This December 31 deadline applies to both existing Empower participants and prospective Empower participants.

If you are an existing Empower subscriber and are interested in participating in the Registry for the 2019 performance period, please complete this form to notify us of your intent to participate and identify a registry contact. If you are not a current Empower subscriber and would like to participate in the Registry, please schedule a brief consulting call to speak with an Empower staff member.